Hilton Metal ForginDSC_0800.NEF.3g is a very young company which has grown by leaps and bounds as one of the leading manufacturer & distributors of steel forged flanges, fittings & oilfield and marine products for both the domestic & international markets as per ASTM/ ASME/MSS/API/AWWA/DIN/EN/ AUSTRALIAN/RUSSIAN AND NACE Standards.  We procure the best steel and use state-of-the-art machinery resulting in better quality forged flanges and fittings. Exhaustive quality checks are done at every stage right from conception, designing and manufacturing ensuring high accuracy in terms of composition, mechanical properties, dimensions and delivery. We are also capable to provide special custom forgings as per our customers’ drawings and specifications.

Our primary objective is to provide quality service and fast delivery and our aim is to become your first choice as a flange and fittings provider. The impeccable collaboration from our design department to forgers to Quality Inspectors and packaging makes it possible.   Technical competence and use of correct terminology is a key factor in our industry these days.  Pipeline products are at times highly technical pressure retaining parts and should not be simply viewed as commodity items. By working with our customers and their clients in this way, we have become the pipeline equipment supply partner of choice to many.


  • To continuously modernize, expand and technologically upgrade our products with a view to producing excellent and high-quality goods
  • To match the changing needs of the customer and improve foreign exchange earnings for the country by promoting exports.
  • To face Global competition and further improve Hilton’s Global presence fame and glory.
  • To improve customer satisfaction and become cost effective
  • To promote employees participation and to implement innovative methods for enriching the quality of life of all concerned.


To develop the relationship of trust with each customer because we believe in strong relations projected in future. Every day we are growing, as we don’t tend to forget that once a customer makes their first purchase with us, there is much more to be done in the customer relationship. HILTON knows that the first purchase is indeed just the beginning and that the real business value lies in retaining that customer. Quality, Efficiency, and Reliability are the 3 words which characterize our actions and summarize the HILTON PHILOSOPHY.


Our Values, business concept, strategies, objectives describe the Organizations overall mission, which is to create value for its customers and employees.
All our decisions are taken keeping the Customer in mind, since our success depends on their satisfaction.  Before undertaking
an action we ask ourselves how this will add value to the customer and to the organization.
Hilton is a performance driven as well as a target oriented company whose performance is measured in all areas and at all levels, based on our deep understanding and knowledge.
Hilton can boast of a great team of people whose sole aim is satisfaction of their clientele.  We are not merely responsible for our individual roles or departments, instead we share responsibility for the company as a whole and its results.

We are also venturing into aerospace industry by manufacturing turbine blades and in the railway industry by manufacturing forged wheels.
We continuously modernize, expand and technologically upgrade our products with a view :

  • To produce excellent and high quality goods and matching with the changing needs of the customers, improve foreign exchange earnings for the country by promoting exports, face global competition and further improve our global presences’, fame and glory.
  • To improve customer satisfaction, become cost effective, to promote employees participation and to implement innovative methods for enrichment of quality of life of all concerned.

Quality Control: 


Quality Excellence – Essential in Our Business

We operate within proven quality standards on a truly international level – A necessity in the FORGING industry with its high profile of requirements. Our stated goal is the continuous improvement of our products and services, to meet the needs of our customers and subsequently to secure our stakeholders, a reasonable return by having an economic and competitive company.


Our Staff – Our success is based on our employees, who embody our competence and know-how and thus crucially determine our image. Continuous learning, commitment and willingness to work as the team, as well as full involvement in our targets and philosophy, are important factors for our success.

Our Processes – Our processes, procedures, and methods are the result of close cooperation with our customers and therefore are tailored to their needs, to provide them with maximum benefit. Combined with our reliability they are crucial to our reputation in the market.

Our Suppliers – The optimal integration of our suppliers in the supply chain and in our processes is essential to optimize our services and products, in order to improve our overall competitive position.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement – Innovation is fundamental to our corporate culture. The continuous and systematic development of our skills, processes, and services, enable long-term sustainability ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and the competitive strength of our company.